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Hmm, a recall

Received a notice from VW that Ted has an open recall, but it didn’t say what it was for.

He’s scheduled to go in to the dealer on the 24th.

In happier news, his radio was installed last week and it’s awesome. ^_^

And I am happy to report that with the back seat down, I can fit two 4′ tables and more product than will fit on said tables. Four crates across and another two down, so I know I can fit enough for a full setup. No tent, though, but I’m sick of doing outdoor shows – they just aren’t worth it anymore.

So the downgrade plan is officially a success. ^_^

TDI sighting!

So we were coming home from the Galleria after picking up our new DDR game for the Wii, and right in front of us was a dark blue Jetta station wagon with the TDI logo on it.


I did get in front of her for most of the drive back, but it’s much harder to tell that Ted’s a diesel because our logo is much smaller than a regular TDI logo would be.

But that’s ok. Just another day of driving around with Ted.


Ted needs a clutch. Don (our super-awesome mechanic) is installing it on Thursday.

It’s just starting to go – reverse is really sticky – and I’d rather just take care of it now and be done with it.

Which of course means that I didn’t get to drive him to NYC this past weekend.  It’s ok, though, the road trip to Baltimore will be much more fun. ^_^

And interestingly enough, this very site that you are looking at now comes up as the third hit when you search for “install meep meep horn new beetle”.

We did take pictures, so I will be writing up how we did it some time this weekend.